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Dead Quest is a top down shooter survival game, with RPG elements.
You are on a mission to find hidden keys and map pieces scattered throughout various levels and areas. Each piece brings you closer to the next, and every key unlocks more of your base. Leading to the end game.
Key features of the game include:
​Inventory system
Huge range of weapons and armor
Hunger, thirst and radiation system
Large variety of enemies
Over 18 unique levels
Crafting system
Leveling up through combat and crafting
Multiple combat abilities
Survival game mode
20 skills to unlock, with over 150 upgrades
About the Game Dead Quest:

Fight in immersive 1st-person perspective against demons, vampires, witches, and spiders, the manifestations of evil that hunt and destroy your human existence in this horror adventure game. Alone in your apartment, captured, a man of science and knowledge, you must resist the terror and disbelief of supernatural forces that threaten all that you hold dear. Explore the disturbing world of DeadQuest, and escape with your life!

Full version of DEAD QUEEN.
Kickass game.
Fun, tough, and very well made, it has something that may be dated by modern standards, but still hold the same merit.
The only extra feature included in this version is the English voice acting (it’s a clone of the old PC version)
Programmer, Graphic Designer, and Musician – Gryph
Interpreter, Musician, and Animator – Silest
Graphics – Gryph
Creation of the original soundtrack – Gryph
Over all, it’s pretty good. If you have played the original, you will know what you are getting here.
After all of this, this game blows the original out of the water!

This game got some new content. So if you played the original, you will have to re-download the game in order for it to work… this game is a bare-bones port
The new content includes:
Version 1.1
Added new enemies
Added new weapon
Added new map
Even better, it’s all included in the zip!
You can find it at this link:

Since there is new content added, you may need to re-install the game.

The term ‘top-down’ is not used to describe the game


Apez Features Key:

  • fast-paced arcade game a golden period of gaming, the first two dates will take place in 1989 and 1990. 80th anniversary
  • open-ended present to be created in October 2020
  • an interactive website, a database of homebrews for the 6 platforms, 140 games to be shared
  • some invitations to be activated between now and the end of March 2020
  • six months to complete the Log in. The first 6 invitations to be shared will be designated to the random selection
  • the PS Vita will be excluded
  • 1000€ is allocated for the Bux box
  • 99 games instead of 120 (because of the Pux+ robot)
  • Log in Your factotum 90 game

    • Open the registration page
    • Enter you name and your birthday:
    • Choose from 35 years old to 99 years old
    • Request to get the INVITATIONAL videos
    • Enjoy the game!

    IMPORTANT: The game is based on StarStrike software and launched on the Ouya device. Be sure to book your account on the official website.

    Rules of the game:

    • It takes five minutes to register. This time is to allow our team to verify that the account details were well received.
    • You will be able to enter each game only once. Your names will be registered in the portal and will participate in the selection of facts.
    • Your play-list will be generated on the website. If the game selection exceeds 35 years, you will only be able to choose from the best-known facts. All your progress is stored in the portal</a


      Apez Crack + With Product Key [Updated-2022]

      (from the press release)
      Take on the role of Lord Milano, a bounty hunter who has finally attained the title of Lord. Marry the love of your life (or an extremely hot female bounty hunter with a vendetta of her own) to inherit your father’s castle and wealth. When you learn that the evil King of Clan Slaugher threatens to take it all, it is up to you, the new Lord of the land to save your life’s work!
      • The Lord of the land you have taken.
      • Various battle situations throughout the game.
      • Multiple ending scenarios.
      • A beautifully crafted soundtrack.


      10+ Hours of gameplay, with 5 possible endings
      • Strategy – move your enemies out of your path and cover your allies.
      • Addictive turn based battles
      • Fast-paced combat system
      • A cast of quirky and varied characters who you’ll fall in love with
      • Various locations to explore
      • Various scenarios to play through
      • 3 unique story lines to play through, each with its own challenges to overcome
      • A wealth of content


      “Lord of the Land is by far the hardest game I have ever played. Making a turn-based game with text turn-ins, no crosshairs, and having an undeveloped ending can be difficult, but the developers have made it even more difficult for themselves. It is not a game for the faint of heart.”- Noel Walker, H1z1 Game Designer, JumboTrac

      “Lord of the Land is the most unforgiving game I have played in quite some time. [I] found myself getting frustrated with the unintuitive nature of the game (such as a situation where a perfect block resulted in no damage being done to an enemy)…”- Jetjay, System Devloper, JumboTrac

      “It is more than a challenge. It is not a cakewalk, but this game is a blast. It is my favorite game of the last year.”- SlowJoe, JumboTrac

      About This Game:
      -Take on the role of Lord Milano, a bounty hunter who has finally attained the title of Lord
      -Marry the love of your life (or an extremely hot female bounty hunter with a vendetta of her own) to inherit your father’s castle and wealth



      Apez Download (Final 2022)

      Playable demo of Galacide.
      About This ContentThe creators of Galacide wished to craft a «self» that was rich, compelling, and unsettling. Puny Human has more than 30 years of game development experience, as both designers and artists. We’ve synthesized this all into Galacide.Galacide is a soul-stirring exploration of the line between the perfect and the ugly.

      – Creatures in the early stages of life are smaller, lighter and more childlike than their adult forms.- Fully developed creatures may have the ability to shapeshift into a large, scary creature.- In the case of children, they may never grow to become the adult form.- The more «awake» a creature is, the more dangerous it is.

      How about an IOS version of the artbook? Do you guys want it?I think its pretty great to have everything collected under one package!

      5/19/2018 04:06:44 pm

      Colin Leeloo

      (am i the only one who thinks the portrait for this costume is actually Ashley Graham? I know it looks a bit fakey and some people who play it don’t think the model is Ashley Graham but I think she’s a very natural looking model for this game.)

      5/19/2018 07:46:01 pm


      (Also, I think the artbook looks cool. :D)

      5/19/2018 08:40:07 pm

      Colin Leeloo

      Would be awesome if you guys worked on a 1.0 version of the gallery and into one big art book, I’d say at least 1.5gb or about 120 pages.

      5/19/2018 08:46:52 pm


      Are you guys sure Ashley Graham is the model? If so the skin looks very unnatural.

      5/19/2018 09:10:06 pm

      Rock Paper Shotgun

      I think that it’s Ashley Graham, but I’m not 100% certain.

      5/19/2018 09:55:07 pm


      (Oh, that’s right, I’m blind xD)

      5/19/2018 10:48:42 pm

      Colin Leeloo

      If you could, the gallery could have one of the first pictures of the game and the huge mural. If that’s Ashley Graham,


      What’s new in Apez:

      To enable their robot Eugene to remotely control a drone from another room in their home, NASA created a brain that does not sleep.

      The headless robot, Eugene, has a face and a swiveling robotic arm that responds to brain signals from his creators. He can monitor the contents of his robot containers remotely, recognize loved ones, sniff people out, and even knit sweaters.

      But unless NASA can figure out how the robot’s brain stays awake, days of creating Eugene will likely be lost in the drift toward yet more sleep-defying robots.

      Ahead of the Vex 2018 hacking marathon in Februar 2018, I had the chance to ask Eugene’s creators for more information about their brain’s multi-functional secret.

      Irina Bedrikova, who runs the human-robot interaction lab at the NASA Ames Research Center, tells me the lab has been using rats for about 50 years in understanding human sleep. They have built robot brains like those of Eugene that fool all the same sensors that our brains use to stay awake. They drill holes in the brains and implant electrodes. They can even fool them if they put electrodes in the wrong place.

      We could similarly implant synthetic muscles — on some level, our bodies, too, are machine-like – to keep us from going to sleep.

      «We are thinking about a way to disable the deep sleep» entirely, Bedrikova says. «We’re just beginning to think about ways the brain might take control [so] that it is awake but it does not actually take any new sort of active information that is directed to this thought-and-reaction cycle.»

      Daniel Capo, a professor in the neurological sciences department of Georgetown University, tells me that scientists don’t know the biological mechanism that keeps a sleeper awake and active — and, therefore, tells me that Eugene’s creators could have gone too far and will likely be spending years figuring out what levels of control might keep Eugene awake.

      It is a messy problem. Every surgery has scar tissue and pain. If we can stop Scar Tissue Robots, in the tech-savvy hubris of old, we ought to be able to stop the biological equivalent.

      «I think it’s an old-fashioned dream come true — that they could [actually] exploit much more than human biological systems,» Capo says, «because they are able to avoid the biological dynamics of sleep.»

      This is an insanely powerful technology — meaning


      Download Apez With License Code (Updated 2022)

      „Spirit of Shotgun: Platforming Escapade, Never in Silence“ is a 2D platformer adventure with a twist! With no other way to move around, your quest is to blast yourself upwards with the kickback of a shotgun, and find your way to the surface of the world!
      „The prophecy spoke of a light in the darkness. The Sun’s final spark would descend into the deepest abyss, and await the coming of the Saviour…“
      You find yourself in a strange predicament – being stuck up to your waist inside a talking wooden barrel, who has – along with you – lost it’s memories to the darkness of the Abyss. You can’t recall why you ventured into the deepest place on Earth, yet know that the lantern you carry is of great importance to your quest. Can you rediscover the past and uncover the fate of the world – and the point of your journey – as you climb upwards?
      Guided by nothing but the Holy Spirit of an almost extinct religion called „The Way of the Shotgun“, you need to light holy shrines, replenish ammo, uncover Ancient Shotguns and use them to reach places no ordinary shotgun-less human could.
      Your shotgun can fire twice before reloading!
      Shoot once, then again in mid-air to alter the direction of your flight, or blast both barrels at once for a much stronger jump!
      Mastery is key!
      Learning from your mistakes is a must – every stage of the climb presents an increased level of challenge, with no checkpoints to guard your progress. Should you make a grave mistake – climb once more from the depth you fell to!
      – Multiplayer!
      Join your friends on the journey to the surface! Other players shall appear in your game as “phantoms”- ghosts from different worlds and timelines. Watch them closely as they advance alongside you, and learn from their mistakes!
      – Light Shrines as you climb upwards!
      The ancient Sprit of Shotgun was forgotten and only you can bring back it’s former glory! Shine your lantern on abandoned shrines to restore them, and have them provide you with ammunition!
      – The ammo you carry is limited!
      Should you make too many mistakes and end up with no shells left, you‘ll be forced to return to the last Shrine you lit! Keep an eye on your ammo count at all times, as shrines are not always guaranteed to


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