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Treasury Officials Considered Iron Dome Sale

Israelis load anti-missile rockets into trucks in southern Tel Aviv. Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system is a joint project of the Defense Ministry and the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. Iron Dome is a powerful array of high-tech «camo nets» that are part of a classified U.S. defense system dubbed «Magic Wand» intended to counter the threat of ballistic missiles from Gaza or Iran.

In late 2011, a group of Treasury Department officials gathered at the White House for a meeting with Pentagon officials. The topic was not bin Laden or al-Qaida, but an idea that was gaining traction: Why not sell Israel the U.S. anti-missile system known as Iron Dome?

The pitch took place in November 2011 and the officials were eager to deal with a new client. Iron Dome, a hi-tech network of electronic sensor and detection systems that use the «camo net» material to intercept and destroy incoming missiles, was just beginning to test for the first time. «We were flattered to be approached about this because of the relationship with Israel and its military,» said one senior Treasury official involved in the effort.

The officials discussed the Iron Dome sale with Pentagon undersecretary James N. Miller and his then-deputy Eric S. Edelman, and offered to go straight to the White House. White House chief of staff William D. Daley and deputy national security adviser Denis McDonough also attended.

The system would cost Israel $200 million to $250 million to buy and integrate into its current arsenal. «This was a proposal that the Obama administration wanted to consider,» said the official, who did not want to be identified. «They thought it was a good project, but that this is not a great opportunity to sell this to the Israelis because it was already in development at the time.»

The officials went to the White House in early November 2011 but no formal decision was made, the official said.

The Pentagon and Treasury Department declined to comment on discussions of the sale.

As Israel faces a growing threat from Iran-backed Gaza terrorists, the White House has become engaged in recent months in offering potential new sales


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