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Cancer cells are known to be more susceptible to anti-cancer agents such as bleomycin, than normal cells. It is possible that a significant proportion of cell deaths resulting from cytotoxic treatment is caused by the heat stress of the bleomycin treatment. A consequence of such treatment is a cell-killing paradox where relatively few cells are killed by the drug relative to the stress the cells are being subjected to.
It has now been found that by exposing cancer cells to a heat shock of increased temperature to which normal cells cannot easily be exposed, the heat shock renders the heat-activated cytotoxic drug more effective in killing the cancer cells.The role of endogenous opioids in the control of food intake: updated review of the literature.
1. Recent research with opioid receptor antagonists have demonstrated that opioid peptides modulate the control of food intake. 2. The ingestion of orally administered l-N-allylnormetazocine (NANM) and pentazocine (PTZ) reduces daily food intake in a dose-related manner in rats. 3. A depletion of opiate receptors following injection of NANM and PTZ decreases the intake of food in animals with restricted or free access to food. 4. Intracerebroventricular administration of NANM in rats and PTZ in Swiss Webster mice increases the intake of food. 5. It is argued that opioid peptides play a role in the control of food intake, acting at the level of the hypothalamus.Q:

How to handle getStringExtra from another activity into the main activity

I have a tableview on my MainActivity.
A button that creates an intent and then the intent opens a seperate activity that has all the user data I am fetching

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