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RAMDisk Manager is the most powerful and complete software that will help you to manage your RAM Disk files, including free RAM Disk (RAM disk) and RAM Disk Manager easily and quickly. You can use RAM Disk Manager to create, delete, clone, mount, unmount and inspect RAM Disk files easily.
What’s more, it offers many powerful functions like clone RAM disk, change attributes, RAM Disk, set read/write, etc. When you install this application to your computer, you will see a new taskbar icon in your taskbar to help you to manage your RAM Disk files.
Memory Management & Data Processing Tools – The most needed memory tools are powerful RAM Disk manager & free RAM memory scanner for Windows OS with built-in Undo record functions. It can help you to create, remove, rename, move, copy, delete RAM Disk files easily.
What’s more, it can show RAM Disk files information as well as you can access the files quickly. It also shows the size of the files, and the time when the RAM disk file was created and saved.
RAMDisk Manager also has a variety of functions like attach, detach RAM disk, analyze RAM disk etc. It can make RAM Disk files burn and copy, but you can also perform backup for them.
What’s more, it supports automatic mounting and unmounting RAM Disk automatically when Windows startup or shutdown, and it also enables you to view RAM Disk files information, and to copy files from/to the RAM Disk files.
NOTE: RAMDisk Manager is free.
● Let you create, modify, analyze, mount, unmount, clone RAM Disk files.
● Supports RAM Disk file management that is automated.
● Support RAM Disk files which are located in both C: drive and D: drive.
● Support RAM Disk files which are located in FAT32 and NTFS drives.
● Support RAM Disk files which are saved in the volatile memory.
● Support to show the size of the RAM Disk files.
● Automatically mount or unmount your RAM Disk files when Windows startup or shutdown.
● Automatically mount or unmount your RAM Disk files when Windows start or shutdown.
● Automatically mount or unmount your RAM Disk files when Windows restart.
● Automatically mount or unmount your RAM Disk files when your computer powers on or off.
● Show the bootup time of your RAM Disk files.
● Shows the bootup time of your RAM Disk files.

GiliSoft RAMDisk (Latest)

– Works with Windows 10, 8.1 and 8
– Allows users to create and manage virtual drives that use system RAM
– Mapping system RAM to virtual drives increases their performance
– Mounts virtual drives using specific options
– Disk creation tool creates both NTFS and FAT disk images
– Free and open source software

RAMDisk is basically a virtual partition that is created using the contents of the RAM, which is the system RAM which helps the computer to store the temporary data. RAMDisk creates a virtual partition that uses the contents of your RAM and use it as an operating system disk. This tool allows you to access files and folders while they are stored in the RAM disk.

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The RAMDisk have three different variations which change with the amount of RAM in your system. We will share the most compatible variation that works well along with the applications which are compatible.
The RAMDisk is also known as Virtual MemoryDisk or Virtual HardDrive and it works by using the RAM memory which has a limited capacity as the hard disk drive in our system.
Using the RAMDisk can be compared with using the cache memory of our operating system. However, while the cache mode, which is built into our operating system, has hardware cache memory, the RAMDisk will use the RAM in our system.
To be able to access the data in the RAMDisk, the RAMDisk has to be created in the memory and we need to know that the operating system will not allow the RAMDisk to be created in the hard disk.
For that to be able to happen, the size of the RAMDisk has to be at least as much as the amount of RAM used in our system.


RAM Disk Tutorial – How to create a RAM Disk in Windows 7

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a RAM Disk. More importantly, you will learn h…

RAM Disk Tutorial – How to create a RAM Disk in Windows 7

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a RAM Disk. More importantly, you will

GiliSoft RAMDisk License Key Full Latest

RAMDisk lets you create a virtual disk drive by allocating a certain amount of memory to it.
You can use a RAMDisk to read and write data to hard drive on your PC. RAMDisk is useful if you want to create a cache for data or reduce the loading time of websites. It works just like normal drives, and you can mount the RAM disk as a drive letter on your computer.
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What’s New in the?

Some files and applications go directly to the buffer when opened for the first time, or on startup. This is critical for the memory and the disk. For example: Games, games, pictures, video, movies, large files (8 GB+) and e-mail are very demanding of physical space.
The RAM Disk is to visualize /visualise a second piece of physical memory in your computer that is outside the RAM, and can be mounted and used just like any other partition.
Instead of taking up space in the RAM, this can be independent of the physical memory available and, if necessary, can be easily expanded, even while applications and files are already running.
With GiliSoft RAMDisk you will gain up to 5 times more memory available for your computer, thus optimizing the processes and programs.


GiliSoft RAMDisk (Demo: 1GB)

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RAMSoft is a tool that is capable of organizing your physical memory, for accessing its contents more quickly than if you had it installed on the main system. It improves speed, and reduces the need for RAM available for your operating system to be accessible by your applications.
RAMSoft has a smart editor that enables the user to edit the OS page file contents whenever required.
Because of its ability to access a software window in RAM, RAMSoft is perfectly suited for running heavily accessed applications without causing your system to crash.
RAMSoft is also capable of reading the contents of a particular physical memory location, or of a different memory location, and furthermore is capable of creating a virtual memory drive for a specific application in order to monitor and modify its access to physical memory.
This feature allows users to monitor specific applications, change their access to physical memory, and to run them with specific performance characteristics. This is a kind of method to optimize the performance of applications and to run programs with different hardware characteristics.
RAMSoft also provides advanced functions, such as, for example, the creation of a virtual memory disk and the creation of a RAM disk, and is compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10.
The program has a built-in virtual disk drive editor, allowing you to access the RAM disk manager, and view the contents of the disk and the RAM disk created. With its optimizer, RAMSoft does not require that the RAM disk actually be on the

System Requirements For GiliSoft RAMDisk:

*Windows XP or higher
* 1 GB or more RAM for OpenGL mode
* 300 MB or more for OpenGL Mode
*DirectX 9 compatible video card
*4 gigabyte disc space.
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