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HTTPBrute Crack + With Registration Code [Win/Mac]

HTTPBrute Serial Key is an easy to use HTTP digest calculator. It can calculate the digest password for any server that supports HTTP digest.
It’s main purpose is education.


Calculate HTTP digest passwords for specific websites.
Calculate HTTP digest passwords for specific subdomains.
Calculate HTTP digest passwords for specific domains.
Calculate HTTP digest passwords for specific sub-domains.
Input a set of «word» to calculate. You can choose the type of the word (letters, digits, special symbols) and the number of letters/digits.

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IMPORTANT: This project is under a MIT license. You are free to use this software.
However, the author of this project assumes NO LIABILITY in case you
decide to do malicious things with this software. The author of this
software assumes NO LIABILITY in case the user decides to modify this
software in a way that could be dangerous for the user.

Thank you

Is there a hidden back door?
The program can’t do any malicious stuff without your consent and help. It doesn’t have any back doors. If you are concerned about the program doing something bad, then you should run it on a computer that has no internet connection. The digest passwords will not change in this case.

How does it work?
The program uses brute-force algorithm. We use the same method that hackers use to crack passwords. You can choose the word size to make the program run faster or slower.  The input you enter will be encrypted and added to the end of the request string to form the digest string.

How do I use it?
This program is totally self-explanatory.

How can I help the author of this project?
There are plenty of ways that can help you contribute to the development of the project. If you have some good ideas for the program or new features to add then you can contribute by open-source or by donating.


How can I contribute?
Fork and clone the repo. Then build and test the application on your machine. Commit your changes to github and make a

HTTPBrute Free Download PC/Windows 2022

Gets all info from http digest Authentication, ex: IP, TLS Port, Passwd, Digest, Type, MAC.

function getDigestDetails(url, method, passwd, digest) {
var details = {
‘passwd’: passwd,
‘digest’: digest,
‘url’: url,
‘method’: method

if (!method) {
method = details.method;

if (!passwd) {
details.passwd = passwd;

if (!digest) {
details.digest = digest;

return details;

function getDigestDetailsFromFile(filename) {
var url = «file://» + filename;
var details = {
‘passwd’: null,
‘digest’: null,
‘url’: url,
‘method’: null

if (isExist(url)) {
details = getDigestDetails(url, details);

return details;

function isExist(url) {
var reg = /[a-zA-Z]{2,4}:\/\/[a-zA-Z]{2,4}(:[0-9]*)?\/\w+/g;
return reg.test(url);

function getPasswd(digest, method) {
var passwd = »;

if (!digest) {
return passwd;

method = method.toLowerCase();

if (method == ‘dsk’) {
passwd = ‘LDAP://

HTTPBrute With Serial Key

HTTPBrute is a script that can crack HTTP password protected webs pages. It can retrieve the password using HTTP Digest and also use for a brute-force attack. It uses a pre-configured set of lists.
It can be used as a Sqlite3 database that stores the results and it can also be used as a command line to automate the process.
The following parameters are supported:
– src: The base directory of the site.
– srctype: The type of the site. Should be one of: «http» «https» «ftp» «ftps» «smb» «smbclient»
– restype: The type of the restype. Should be one of: «http» «https» «ftp» «ftps» «smb» «smbclient»
– apikey: API Key for the site (optional)
– apisecret: API Secret for the site (optional)
– digtorefresh: Refresh the digest list (optional)
– digestlist: The name of the digest list (optional)
– digestlistid: The ID of the digest list (optional)
– username: The username to check (optional)
– dcount: The number of threads to try the attack (optional)
– drefresh: Refreshes the current digest list after it has been processed (optional)
– dtimeout: The timeout for each attempt (optional)
– dtimeoutlist: A list of timeout values that will be used when calculating the timeout (optional)
– dstype: The type of the destination (optional)
– dapikey: API Key for the destination (optional)
– dapisecret: API Secret for the destination (optional)
– diname: The name of the digest (optional)
– dlist: The name of the digest list (optional)
– dlistid: The ID of the digest list (optional)
– statenames: The list of states that the target will be in. (optional)
– statename: The name of the state (optional)
– groupname: The list of groups that will be checked. (optional)
– groupname: The name of the group (optional)
– pri: The number of prior passwords to show. (optional)
– pri: The number of prior passwords to show. (optional)
– statefile: The state

What’s New in the?

HTTPBrute is a small and easy to use HTTP digest calculator. It can also do a smart brute force password guessing. HTTPBrute is for education and entertainment purposes only.

* HTTP digest bruteforcing
* Retrieving HTTP user agent and IP address and making bruteforcing more intelligent
* Brute force a specific username and password for IP address
* Make bruteforcing as much efficient as possible
* Can use additional tools in different modes (for example – TCP/IP Wrapper on Windows)
* Completely non destructive. Just an ASCII text file is created.
* No root required (in Windows only)
* No web server installed
* No jailbreak necessary
* It works even without internet connection
* Can brute force several logins on one IP address
* Can bruteforce a specific website
* Can bruteforce one domain and the users associated to it
* Can bruteforce a list of IP addresses and the associated usernames
* Run several accounts on the same IP address (for example – 2 VoIP accounts, one with 10 and the other with 5 digits)
* Can retrieve all HTTP headers associated to a specific host
* Supports OS X and Windows
* HTTPBrute is a free product. This is a freeware project. You can continue using it in your project. You can even make a donation to make it even better.

* No Internet connection is required.

About HTTPBrute:
* HTTPBrute is free software and may be used for educational purposes. It may be distributed in source code and other compilation forms under a GNU General Public License.
* No redistribution permitted, modified or distributed without permission.
* For a modified binary version the new distribution must include the original source code.
* There is no warranty for this product.
* Permission is granted to copy, distribute and modify this product provided that the product is sold only in an unmodified form.
* For details and restrictions on the use of this product, contact

How to use:
HTTPBrute is very simple to use. Just download and run the executable file. No installation necessary.
HTTPBrute starts up in the background. Just type the credentials in the start page and press submit.
Input fields can be filled by clicking on the text field or by pressing the cursor key.
You can retrieve the source code from

Using HTTPBrute:
Start HTTPBrute using the following command line parameters:
HTTPBrute [options] [domain_name] [username] [password] [domain_ip] [username_ip]

* domain_name – IP address to bruteforce for – Optional
* username – IP address to brutef

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8/8.1
Minimum System Requirements for Internet Explorer:
Minimum System Requirements for Windows Media Player:
Minimum System Requirements for Audio CD Player:
Minimum System Requirements for Video DVD Player:

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