The Adolescent 4th Edition Gouws Pdf 18 ((TOP))

The Adolescent 4th Edition Gouws Pdf 18 ((TOP))


The Adolescent 4th Edition Gouws Pdf 18

marriage. Sex.

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Adolescents are at the highest risk, with about 30 percent of teen births among low-income teens and at least 20 percent of teen births among high-income teen girls being unintended. In summary, teen pregnancy is a crisis that is the problem. Intentional, planned teen pregnancy is rare. Unplanned teen pregnancy is more common and has serious consequences. The teen years are a very important time in the life of every girl. During her teen years she is developing physically, emotionally, and socially. Her physical development is important because she must know how to walk, talk, and sit for a lifetime. Teen years affect the body so she will need to learn where her breasts will go, where her vagina will be, and how to control her menstrual cycle. She must learn to control her emotions and deal with the stress of growing up. Teens are also learning where they fit into the social order of the world. They must learn about sex and sexuality, marriage, and legal obligations. Stress and emotions from school and family is putting pressure on her to finish high school, start college, and move out of the house. Teenagers are going to college and having babies right after high school. It is hard to find qualified teachers for this age group. “Parents can help by… keeping track of birth control pills and condoms.”1 Whenever they see a teen with a new mother or pregnant mother, they should… point them to Planned Parenthood, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and other programs.2 The school nurse and principal are also in a good position to help teens protect themselves. One effective way is to establish a birth control policy so that teens can keep track of all the pills or condoms they use. A well-balanced sex education program can also provide a tremendous amount of information, but the emphasis must be on the importance of delaying sexual activity until one is ready for it. “Healthy sexuality is


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